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When it comes to Internet Marketing we are Special Forces, The Black Ops badasses dropped into hostile territory to establish dominance. Our team consists of highly trained online operatives armed with experience, market intelligence and technology that will give your range the competitive edge online while increasing revenues in-store.

With competition for shooting ranges at an all time high and more people searching online, owning the Digital Battlefield and Internet space around your business can mean the difference between success or failure, profit and loss. Machine Gun Marketing provides the online advantage to gun stores, indoor and outdoor ranges and shooting clubs that seek to acquire more customers and increase profits by reaching consumers online, engaging them with dynamic content and building brand loyalty. Our tactical marketing systems streamline your range operations, reduce expensive, hard to track traditional advertising expenses and produce results.

We provide turn-key solutions and support for customized website, self-booking and lane reservation systems as well as membership portals and online class registration platforms to automate profitable transactions around the clock, whether on a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, as convenient for the customer.

Battle Born in Las Vegas, the most competitive shooting range market in the world, Machine Gun Marketing has documented outstanding growth for our range partners. We turn low performing websites into 24/7 money machines by deploying customized online stores, lane reservation systems and engagement programs for Classes, Firearm Sales, Accessories, Merchandise, Shooting Packages, Corporate Events, Training Simulators and Memberships.

Our company has made a significant investment in establishing the foundation for a unique online network of nearly 1000 interconnected websites, interactive games and software systems. Each of these assets are poised for growth and highly focused on key sectors of the Gun Range Industry. Our mission is to roll out these assets over the next 2 to 3 years while forming key relationships with high quality Range Partners worldwide. Our plan is to arm our range partners with a suite of marketing services, technology and system that can grow profits, reach new markets and establish dominance in emerging markets.

If you are thinking of building a range or if you already own a gun range, shooting club or gun store we look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can grow and/or expand your business and give you a competitive edge.


We are at our best when we work with progressive ranges in highly competitive markets. Over the past 4 years our team has conducted market surveys and range evaluations on over 150 ranges in The USA. Our goal was to put our fingers on the pulse of emerging markets, trends and technologies that are shaping the future of how America’s Best Shooting Ranges position to grow market share.

Bret Pawlowski is the Co-Founder and CEO of Las Vegas based Machine Gun Marketing, a range marketing company that has pioneered online marketing, software and systems specifically for Shooting Ranges, Gun Clubs, Tactical Trainers and Firearms Experts. Bret leads the Machine Gun Marketing team in the development of software solutions, web assets and marketing strategies. Bret’s passion is to arm select gun ranges with data, information, support systems and business intelligence to fight and win the real-time online battle for customer acquisition.

With competition among gun ranges at an all-time high, embracing new engagement marketing techniques and harnessing the full power of the Internet are essential components to the survival and success of gun ranges. Bret consults with range owners and managers to identify, understand and then execute revenue generating opportunities online and in-store. Additionally, Bret works with range owners to set their sights on the top trends and technologies that are shaping how America’s Best Gun Ranges acquire new customers, grow and retain members, reach emerging markets and increase revenues.

Machine Gun Marketing is the first company to create an online lane reservation system, class registration system and marketing software suite for gun ranges. For nearly 9 years the company has compiled data on online consumer behaviors as related to tourism, destination marketing, firearms purchases, firearms training, concealed carry classes, FFL, memberships, tactical training, shooting clubs and private instruction. Utilizing this wealth of experience and data Machine Gun Marketing provides in-depth marketing services, business intelligence and consultation to new and existing shooting facilities looking to open ranges and/or expand market share.

Lea Pawlowski is the Co-Founder of Machine Gun Marketing and has a wealth of knowledge and technical skills building and managing the money making online assets for top performing gun ranges (some ranges gross nearly $2 million annually in online transactions alone).

She monitors the day-to-day activities of online operations and sales for Premier Shooting & Gun Ranges. Her technical background of 10 years comes with extensive knowledge in building and maintaining gun range websites, mobile apps, booking & reservation systems, online stores, collecting data and monitoring customer engagements including call tracking, live chat integration, online conversions, customized inquiry forms and more. She works closely with range managers and staff with day-to-day operations, online updates and promotions. In addition, she leads a team of 5 developers providing system enhancements and creating new features to help maximize online sales and provide better customer online experiences.

Lea provides continuous training with all range staff to ensure that they are up to date in using the online systems. She also oversees the continuous security monitoring for a network of online assets which is a vital component to performance of a range’s online success. She has a true passion in providing excellence in customer service and online experiences for customers, which ultimately leads to online conversions. Lea Pawlowski graduated from ASU with dual degrees in Business Marketing and Management.



We’ve traveled all over the world to experience the best shooting adventures. That’s why are are passionate about what we do!

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