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MARKETING – Analytical & Algorithmic Marketing, Brand Development, Service Line Extensions, Shooting Tour Development, Social Media Integration, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Conversion Strategies, Database Marketing & Loyalty Programs Sponsorships, Competitor Tracking & Online Valuation, Content Marketing Programs, Copywriting, Press Releases, Newsletters

PROGRAMMING – Application Development, Interactive Games, Transaction Platforms for Secure Online Payments, Internet Security, PCI Compliance Database Architecture & Maintenance Hard Coding of Websites & Custom Content Management Systems

CREATIVE RESOURCES – Video Production, Editing, Scripting & Distribution Animations, Special Effects, Character Development Photography, Rendering, Illustrations, Graphic Design Podcasts, Web Channels, Video Testimonials, Logo & Brand Design

FINANCIAL SERVICES – Industry Benchmarking, Sales Forecasting, Market & Brand Valuation, Venture Capital & Strategic Alliances, Crowd Sourced Funding Campaigns, Financing of Marketing Campaigns, Forensic Auditing, Purchasing Competitors, New Range Development, New Market Pre-Analysis

MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING – Online PPC Programs, Out-Of-Home Campaigns, Media Vendor Audits, Contract Negotiations, Print Production



Our company has made a significant investment in establishing the foundation for a unique online network of nearly 1000 interconnected websites, interactive games and reservation systems. Each of these assets are poised for growth and highly focused on key sectors of the Indoor and Outdoor Shooting & Gun Ranges, Firearm Education, Tactical Training and Adventure Travel Industries.

Our mission is to rollout these assets over the next 2 to 3 years while forming key relationships with high quality Range Partners, Tactical Trainers, Firearms Professionals and Shooting Tour Operators worldwide. Our plan is to arm our range partners with a suite of marketing services, technology and system that can grow profits and establish primary positions in emerging markets.

If you are thinking of building a range or if you already own a gun range, shooting club or gun store we look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can grow and/or expand your business and give you a competitive edge.


Like each person has DNA, so too does your gun range business. That is to say, there is a unique set of codes and mathematical computations that are part of what make your business unique online and that determines whether your gun range will survive, thrive or stagnate.

A unique component of our business is the ability to identify your ranges unique algorithm. We look a massive amount of data form multiple online sources, customer interactions as well as local and international markets and competitive trends. We filter this information through our patent pending algorithmic diagnosis software and then are able to provide detailed information about the health of your online business, ways to make the assets perform better and data that allows us to very accurately project financial targets when the assets are optimized.

This is a proven system and has generated excellent results in several industries. Machine Gun Marketing have successfully applied this technology to the Gun Range Industry and have documented specific processes that seamlessly integrate the online assets with Range Staff. The end result is a very dynamic system that not only generates revenues 24/7 but that will enhance employee performance, reduce advertising expenses and provide a better experience for your customers.


Machine Gun Marketing was the first company to pioneer online bookings specifically for gun ranges. Our expertise developing systems, marketing campaigns and shooting adventure packages can expand your range into new and profitable markets.  We can assist your company with packaging a variety of new products and tapping into tourists, corporate team-building, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Shotgun Weddings and customized shooting adventures.

Let’s face it, running a successful shooting range or gun club is a challenging endeavor. With the number of gun ranges popping open these days that means The “Spray & Pray” marketing mentality just does not work in todays economy. You will not be able to compete in a highly competitive market without proper systems, online marketing strategy, training and support. This is where we come in. MGM provides laser-guided marketing and management systems focused on building lifelong customers and increased profits. With our Gun Range Marketing expertise and Internet strategy we can keep you focused on running your range while we drive more online revenues for your business.

We provide turn-key solutions for customized self-booking and lane reservation systems as well as membership portals and online class registration platforms and shooting experiences that integrated into a single manageable dashboard and Gun Range POS System. Additionally, we setup automated sales funnels that work around the clock with minimal staff management. Note* 90% of bookings through our software platforms happen with little or no involvement from staff.


  • 10+ Years Working with Gun Ranges & Shooting Facilities
  • Integrated Online Bookings, POS Systems, Self-Service Kiosks & Mobile Applications
  • Better Financial Management, Accountability & Inventory Control
  • Better Scheduling of Range Officers, Instructors, Staff and Resources
  • Online Booking Systems work 24/7 on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones
  • Automated Marketing Systems reduce hard to track advertising expenses.
  • Better ROI for Marketing Investment
  • Increased Brand Loyalty, Customer Acquisition and Member Retention
  • Product Development: Shooting Packages, Tactical Courses, Adventure Shooting Tours
  • We deploy technology with know-how that will give your gun store, range or shooting club a strategic advantage over your competition. Call 1-888-708-5558 today to arrange your consultation and software demonstration.


Online Games and Mobile Apps connect people to brands. Every major brand has utility apps that help their customers with useful tasks and many also have fun interactive games that people can play during down time. The fact is consumers love free apps and games.

We have created a suite of game assets that we are customizing for Gun Ranges around the world. The platform we’ve created allows us to customize shooting gallery style games that are based on real-world shooting packages so players from around the world can earn points in a game that can be applied to real shooting packages at Gun Ranges. We have licensing agreements in place with some of the worlds most popular target producers and artists that allow customized targets and merchandise around each theme. All of this has been done to create a unique branded experience and drive revenues for our gun range partners.

There are many strategic advantages for gun ranges to offer a branded game experience.  A few are listed below:

1. Excellent way of boosting brand recognition on Social Media as our format allows people to play the game in Facebook as an app. Players can also record video of their gameplay and share it as well.

2. Games allow ranges to promote special offers to players and another form of connection and communication with a fan base. Our point system allows people to redeem points online for merchandise or use points towards discounts on shooting packages in store.

3. If promoted properly the uniqueness of a branded shooting gallery game will provide excellent Public Relations opportunities, articles and help secure higher rankings of websites. Obviously creating more brand awareness and driving more consumer traffic to a website is an important factor in a competitive market.

4. There is a natural connection between people that play games online and shooting ranges. Gamers of all levels love to shoot fun targets and if they can tie the interaction to a real-world activity it makes a complete and consistent brand experience.

5. What would normally be a massive expense and 3-6 months in development for a gun range is now available with little to no upfront expense and ready to launch within 30 to 45 days on every major app store and on Facebook. Our revenue sharing programs are designed to get these types of creative assets working to generate revenues right away.


We’ve traveled all over the world to experience the best shooting adventures. That’s why are are passionate about what we do!

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